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Mark Meier

University of Kentucky
Field: Chemistry
Research Interests: Carbon Nanotube Chemistry. The organic chemistry of carbon nanotubes presents us with a new set of challenges, not the least of which is the complete insolubility of these materials. We ha...

Keir Fogarty

High Point University
Field: Chemistry, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Research Interests: Fluorescence as a Tool for the Study of Molecular Interactions. The Fogarty Lab’s research focus lies in the field of fluorescence science. We have built a laser-based, single molecule f...

Doug Haywick

University of South Alabama
Field: Geology, Chemistry
Research Interests: Sedimentology, geochemistry, petrology

Robert Grossman

University of Kentucky
Field: Chemistry
Research Interests: Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Our group develops new synthetic methods and applies them to the synthesis of natural products and biologically relevant compounds. Students learn skills that pr...

David H. McNear Jr.

University of Kentucky
Field: Agriculture, Chemistry
Research Interests: Rhizosphere Science - In our research we explore the biogeochemical processes occurring at the soil-water-plant interface (a.k.a. the Rhizosphere) and how these interactions influence ecosys...

Mikhail Berezin

Washington University in St. Louis
Field: Chemistry, Biophysics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, chemistry and software development: optical spectroscopy, contrast agents development, hyperspectral imaging Biological studies: understanding peripheral nerve di...

Beth S. Guiton

University of Kentucky
Field: Chemistry
Research Interests: I am a solid state chemist in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. My current focus is to combine the synthesis and design of new nanostructured materials, with their c...

Natalie Gassman

University of South Alabama
Field: Biochemistry, Oncology, Toxicology
Research Interests: My laboratory studies the influence of toxins and toxicants on DNA repair. Currently we are examining environmental chemicals, like BPA, and how they damage DNA and alter the cellular respo...

Gretchen Potts

University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Field: Chemistry
Research Interests: Analytical spectroscopy, environmental analytical chemistry, biomremediation, lasers, plasma sources, emission spectroscopy, optics and sensors. Research Goals and Objectives: Presentin...

Douglas Andres

University of Kentucky
Field: Biochemistry, Neuroscience
Research Interests: Over the past 23 years I have directed a research group focused on the identification and biological characterization of the essential physiological roles of novel members of the Ras G-prote...
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