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At ScholarBridge, we are not only here to facilitate the process of finding a research position, we want to help with all aspects of your research experience. On this page you will find helpful tips in applying for a position, working as a research assistant and producing valuable output from your hard work.

How to Get Published

Getting published is a challenge. In order to do so you must find the right journal, have relevant work, and write proficiently. These are not easy tasks, but with hard work and diligent research any academic can have their findings published. Consider the following tips from The Guardian to help you get your work published:

Tips for general format

Meet with your mentor early and often

Your mentor will be a major asset in the publication process. When you think you have enough results to get published, schedule a meeting with your mentor to discuss next steps.

Be receptive to feedback and criticism

Nobody in the history of academia published their first draft in a major academic journal. Ask a colleague to check your work and respond with respect directly to reviewer comments.

Know your audience

Pick the right journal; check that your article is within the scope of the journal that you are submitting to.

Follow the correct submissions procedures. These can be found on the journal’s website


Don’t get discouraged or give up after getting through all the major hurdles. If your paper was not accepted then revise it and resubmit taking to heart comments from reviewers.

Get your toes wet before jumping all the way in

Teaming up on a graduate student's project is a great way to achieve your first publication. Find out who in your group needs a hand, and your name could eventually be associated with the project as well.

You don’t need to run an experiment or write a thesis to get published. Get published by writing a review or a response to an existing paper.

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