Student Resources

At ScholarBridge, we are not only here to facilitate the process of finding a research position, we want to help with all aspects of your research experience. On this page you will find helpful tips in applying for a position, working as a research assistant and producing valuable output from your hard work.

Identifying a Mentor

Identifying the correct mentor is crucial for engaging in a fulfilling research experience. ScholarBridge will be an indispensable tool for this stage in the process.

What makes a good mentor, and how will you know when you have found someone to consider for such a role? What does having a mentor offer?

Develop your criteria

What do you hope to gain from your mentor? Do you wish to work directly for him/her as a research assistant, or are you looking for more general career and academic guidance?

Who can you reach out to as a potential mentor?

A good first place to start is to consider professors that taught a class that you were successful in. Reach out to these professors first.

Do not be discouraged if your professors are unavailable to mentor you. Ask if they have any colleagues who you could speak with.

Use the ScholarBridge database where different faculty members will display their interest in mentoring students. Faculty that are actively seeking undergraduates can be filtered directly on the search page.

Market yourself as a great candidate

What do you have to offer your mentor as a researcher?

Understand your skills and the needs of your potential mentor. Familiarize yourself with the role you are applying for.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the professor’s work. This will show that you are able to do appropriate prep-work before asking for a meeting.

Published works are a good place to start. Briefly reading your mentor’s work is sure to impress them and demonstrate your seriousness as an applicant.

Be somewhat insistent in your outreach

Professors and researchers are extremely busy; don’t be disappointed if your initial emails don’t solicit a response. By reaching out to a wide pool of researchers, you will increase your chances of finding an enthusiastic mentor. Sending a follow up note is acceptable so long as it is polite!