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At ScholarBridge, we are not only here to facilitate the process of finding a research position, we want to help with all aspects of your research experience. On this page you will find helpful tips in applying for a position, working as a research assistant and producing valuable output from your hard work.

Grant Writing Techniques

Applying for a grant can seem like a mammoth undertaking, yet this process of written appeal favors those that take the time to craft a persuasive and thorough application. Consider these tips when writing your application.

Agencies award funding to solve problems or address issues that are important to them

Though your proposal may be well written, noble in its mission, and executable, if it does not align with the goals and priorities of the awarding organization, you will not receive funding.

Be sure your proposal indicates you will be addressing a problem or improving a situation the agency funding the grant thinks is important. Identify what outcomes are important for this agency and this grant proposal and make sure your proposal addresses these objectives.

Having said that, make sure that the proposal you submit is consistent with your goals. Don’t alter your mission just to receive funding.

Do background research on the organization you are applying for funding from

Determine the priority areas of the funding agency. Take a look at recent press releases from the funding agency to familiarize yourself with their recent activities.

Your mentor will be your biggest asset

As you work to build a strong relationship with your mentor they will prove to be your most indispensable source for advice pertaining to your academic goals. Be sure to include your mentor in the grant writing process by asking for advice or editing help.

Follow instructions

Criteria for grants are often explicitly stated. If you have questions use the preferred form of contact.

Break down and split up the work amongst your team

Generate a list of tasks and assign different members of your team to different tasks, along with specific due dates.

Often when working in a group written work can lack consistency. Present your information in a consistent format.

Highlight how your team will be able to work together successfully

Highlight any past work you have done as a group. Define how each team member will contribute to the project.

Edit for readability and spelling mistakes

Make your proposal easy and enjoyable to read as reviewers spend the majority of their time evaluating the written text. Support your text with facts and figures.

Plan on writing and rewriting. Make sure to get feedback from others who will be totally candid with you. This will help you improve your writing and overall product.

Pay attention to areas of the proposal you are responsible for but have no control over.

You will be required to obtain letters of support and possibly partnership commitments. These will come from individuals outside of your grant group. Make sure you give these individuals ample time to accomplish their tasks. Remind them of deadlines as they approach.