Assistant Professor
Psychology Health Youth and Families University of South Alabama Mobile, AL


Research Interests:

I am the director of the Health Youth and Families Lab at the University of South Alabama. My areas of clinical and research interests include family processes, such as parenting behavior, attachment, parent child interactions and the effects of such variables on child behavioral and emotional functioning. I am also interested in the assessment of autism spectrum disorders and the differential diagnosis of ASD based on symptoms that are shared with other conditions. Other interests include pediatric psychology, and the role of sleep in the social, emotional, and behavior functionng of children with chronic illness.
Most recently, my research has focused on the application of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. This work has allowed for a very exciting collaboration with faculty and students with speech langauge pathology.

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Louisiana State University, Ph.D.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, M.S.
Saint Louis University, B.A.


Baylor College of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellow
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