Henry Edwin Sever Professor of Engineering
Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Genetics, Computer Science Washington University in St. Louis Saint Louis, MO


Research Interests:

The Brent Lab is focused on modeling the way in which the functional states of cells are determined by the control systems encoded in genomes. Professor Brent and his students construct quantitative models of biological control networks that will enable them to understand their functions and the conditions to which they are adapted. Such models will eventually make it possible to predict how modifications to the networks (i.e. engineering) will affect their behavior. Of particular interest are dynamic properties, such as response times and sensitivity to noise. The methods we use include probabilistic models such as Dynamic Bayes Nets, continuous physical models based on differential equations, and molecular experiments.

Professor Brent has studied the function and evolutionary dynamics of genomes using mathematical and computational sequence analysis. This work has led to significant improvements in genome annotation technology, enhancing the value of genome sequences for the scie

Research Group Page:

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.A.


Johns Hopkins, Faculty
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