Associate Professor
Biology, Neuroscience, Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Biology The Carlson Lab Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, MO


Research Interests:

Nervous systems evolved to control behavior. One of the primary functions of nervous systems is to receive and process information from the outside world, and then act on that information in ways that maximize survival and reproduction. We employ an integrative approach to understanding animal communication and the evolution of information processing. We are interested in understanding:
- How do sensory receptors encode stimuli in the periphery?
- How do central sensory pathways extract behaviorally relevant information from peripheral responses?
- How does evolutionary change in sensory systems mediate adaptive diversification of perception and behavior?
- How does behavior influence ecological interactions and evolutionary processes?

Our work is unique in its application of detailed neurophysiology within a broad comparative framework, and it has implications for our understanding of neural mechanisms for behavior as well as the evolution of behavioral diversity.

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University of Miami, B.S.
Cornell University, Ph.D.


University of Virginia, Postdoctoral Fellow
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