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Attention and Perception

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: Psychology
Introduction:Subjectively, visual perception is a passive process: We open our eyes and we see the objects that surround us.

Exploring individual differences in learning

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Introduction:The human brain is endowed with outstanding learning abilities that are crucial to our everyday lives. One of these is the capacity to detect and extract statistical regularities from the environment (statistical learning).

Detecting metabolite changes in mitochondrial disease patient fibroblasts

Medicine - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Introduction:Mitochondrial diseases, as the name suggests, are caused by primary mitochondrial dysfunction. These diseases are very complex though: they have many different types of clinical presentation, caused by different genetic mutations in both the nuclear genome and the mitochondrial genome, and are inherited in complex ways (nuclear versus mitochondrial DNA). Diagnosing these diseases then, as you might have guessed, is complicated. What we are trying to develop are new screening tools for these diseases, and we want your help.

Probing the viscosity of conduction electrons in metals

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: Condensed Matter Physics
Introduction:An important property characterizing a liquid is its viscosity. Honey is for example very viscous, while water is rather fluid. Metals conduct electricity

Design, synthesis and application of activity-based probes for imaging and detection of proteases

Biomedical Sciences - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Introduction:Proteases are enzymes responsible for the cleavage of peptide bonds. They are not only involved in digestive processes and protein turnover, but also play a crucial role in regulatory processes, such as apoptosis, blood coagulation and antigen presentation.

Genetic Basis of Wood Development

University of Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland
Department: Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences: Department of Biosciences
Introduction:Wood, the secondary xylem tissue, is produced through the activity of vascular cambium, a cylindrical secondary meristem. As wood represents a renewable source of lignocellulosic biomass,

Finding key mechanisms of the destructive process in joints of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Faculty of Medicine - Zurich, Switzerland
Department: Center of Experimental Rheumatology
Introduction:The main fields of research include the molecular and cellular basis of joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis and immune changes and profibrotic mechanisms in autoimmune diseases such as systemic sclerosis.

Quantum matter and Optics

Sciences - Leiden, The Netherlands
Department: Leiden Institute of Physics
Introduction:Ongong research in the fields of Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, and Condensed Matter Physics


Sciences - Leiden, The Netherlands
Department: Astronomy
Introduction:As focus and themes of staff research are continuously evolving, the Sterrewacht does not offer a list of projects. Rather, specific projects may be defined at any time, depending on current staff research, student interest, and actual circumstances.

Education, schooling, and youth identity in multicultural contexts

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: PEGEI
Introduction:Our project will generate new ideas for better integrating youth into multicultural societies (Switzerland and others countries).
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