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Sciences - Leiden, The Netherlands
Department: Astronomy
Introduction:As focus and themes of staff research are continuously evolving, the Sterrewacht does not offer a list of projects. Rather, specific projects may be defined at any time, depending on current staff research, student interest, and actual circumstances.

Experimental high energy physics with the CMS detector at the LHC

Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Zurich, Switzerland
Department: Physik Institut
Introduction:Research analyzing data and/or building detectors at the CMS experiment in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Collaboration with the workgroups of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Ruprecht Karls University - Heidelberg, Germany
Department: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Introduction:The work groups of the inorganic department offer short-term placements. Below, the individual groups are listed, along with their primary fields of research: Prof. Dr. Peter Comba- coordination chemistry, oxygen activation, molecular magnetism and computational chemistry.

Old English Runic project

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München - Munich, Germany
Department: Department for English and American Studies
Introduction:The project RuneS (Runic Writing in the Germanic Languages) is under the umbrella of Prof. Dr. Hans Sauer, chair for Historical Linguistics and Medieval English Literature.

Collaboration with a member of the Graduiertenkolleg 850 'Modeling of Molecular Properties'

Ruprecht Karls University - Heidelberg, Germany
Department: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Introduction:Students primarily concerned with experimental research to be familiarized with the current methods in computational chemistry: molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics with a focus on DFT methods,

Explaining Secessionism in Europe

Faculty of Philosophy - Zurich, Switzerland
Department: Political Science
Introduction:This project theoretically and quantitatively examines the causes and patterns of separatist tendencies, in particular in Europe. Based on a sound theoretical framework, we relate the extent and form of secessionist

Experimental investigation of damage processes in textile composites

KU Leuven University - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Introduction:Characterisation of damage initiation and progression in composite materials aims on identification of the following features of the damage processes: (1) damage initiation and development thresholds (DIDT),

Personal Rights in German Civil Law

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München - Munich, Germany
Department: Faculty of Law
Introduction:The project concerns the revision of a commentary on personal rights in German civil law. In this context, a chapter shall be included dealing with a comparison between German law and American law.

Application of Modern Optimization Methods

Ruprecht Karls University - Heidelberg, Germany
Department: Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
Introduction:This project focuses on numerical aspects of optimization of dynamic systems. It aims to introduce the junior researcher to modern optimization methods and software to enable her/him to employ these methods to a challenging real world problem.

Detecting metabolite changes in mitochondrial disease patient fibroblasts

Medicine - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Introduction:Mitochondrial diseases are a broad group of diseases caused by mutations in over one hundred genes involved in mitochondrial function.
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