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Attention and Perception

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: Psychology
Introduction:Subjectively, visual perception is a passive process: We open our eyes and we see the objects that surround us.

Genetic Basis of Wood Development

Faculty of Biological and Envirionmental Sciences - Helsinki, Finland
Department: Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences: Department of Biosciences
Introduction:Wood, the secondary xylem tissue, is produced through the activity of vascular cambium, a cylindrical secondary meristem. As wood represents a renewable source of lignocellulosic biomass,

Detecting metabolite changes in mitochondrial disease patient fibroblasts

Medicine - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Introduction:Mitochondrial diseases, as the name suggests, are caused by primary mitochondrial dysfunction. These diseases are very complex though: they have many different types of clinical presentation, caused by different genetic mutations in both the nuclear genome and the mitochondrial genome, and are inherited in complex ways (nuclear versus mitochondrial DNA). Diagnosing these diseases then, as you might have guessed, is complicated. What we are trying to develop are new screening tools for these diseases, and we want your help.

Regeneration of industrial wastewater using membrane processes

KU Leuven University - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Chemical Engineering dept.
Introduction:Water scarcity is one of the main upcoming problems in industrialized as well as developing countries, due to fast population increases and economic growth.

Design, synthesis and application of activity-based probes for imaging and detection of proteases

Biomedical Sciences - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Introduction:Proteases are enzymes responsible for the cleavage of peptide bonds. They are not only involved in digestive processes and protein turnover, but also play a crucial role in regulatory processes, such as apoptosis, blood coagulation and antigen presentation.

Glucocorticoid hormones, their role in health and disease

Karolinska Institutet - Stockholm, Sweden
Department: Medical Nutrition
Introduction:Glucocorticoid hormones (GCs) regulate gene activity through interaction with and activation of an intracellular glucocorticoid receptor (GR).

Genetic components of drug metabolism and adverse drug reactions

Karolinska Institutet - Stockholm, Sweden
Department: Molecular Toxicology:Physiology & Pharmacology
Introduction:Drug treatment is in many cases ineffective. Besides patients which do not respond to the treatment despite receiving expensive drugs, adverse drug reactions as a consequence

Research projects at The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI)

Science - Helsinki, Finland
Department: Research projects at The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI)
Introduction:The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) works towards the next generation of AI that is interactive, dependable, and data-efficient. It aims to boost and extend AI research and its applications by bringing together universities, industrial actors and the public sector.

Atropoisomeric 1,2,3-triazoles and their application as (organo)catalysts in enantioselective reactions

Science - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Chemistry
Introduction:Enantioselective synthesis remains a challenging goal and many different catalysts have been developed, many of them based on the binaphthol motif.

Education, schooling, and youth identity in multicultural contexts

University of Geneva - Geneva, Switzerland
Department: PEGEI
Introduction:Our project will generate new ideas for better integrating youth into multicultural societies (Switzerland and others countries).
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