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Quantifying behavior in young children

Faculty of Medicine - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Neurosciences
Introduction:For parents and care givers it is often difficult to know how to interact with a child with a certain disability (e.g. hearing impairment, autism). In order to be able to advise these persons it is crucial to understand the interaction

Real-time analysis of connectivity in the human brain using high-density electroecenphalography

Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Kinesiology
Introduction:While visualization of brain activity has well established practical applications such as real-time functional mapping or neurofeedback, visual representation of brain connectivity is not widely used.

Heidelberg 1933 - Harvard 1940

Ruprecht Karls University - Heidelberg, Germany
Department: History
Introduction:The project Heidelberg 1933 Harvard 1940 is based on the unpublished manuscript of Dr. Barbara Schütz-Sevin, a former student in Heidelberg, telling a very personal and naturally very biased story of the Machtergreifung (seizure of power) at the University of Heidelberg in the early 1930s.

Research projects at The Brain Research Unit (CBRU)

University of Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland
Department: The Brain Research Unit (CBRU)
Introduction:The work carried out in CBRU has unveiled new components in the ERPs, most notably a memory-related response, the mismatch negativity, MMN, and an attention-related response, the processing negativity, PN.

Research projects at the Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition Research

University of Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland
Department: Theology
Introduction:The aim of this research venture is to discover historical patterns and elaborate systematic models of rational recognition and multicultural toleration in religious world-views.

Research projects at The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Russian Studies

University of Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland
Department: Aleksanteri Institute
Introduction:In the Centre of Excellence modernisation in Russia is understood as a set of choices made under certain structural conditions. As the traditional frameworks, theories and concepts of individual disciplines

Identification of the target of a new class of antifungal compounds

KU Leuven University - Leuven, Belgium
Department: Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology (MCB)
Introduction:Candida albicans antifungal research We have recently performed a chemical genetics screen in order to find compounds that inhibit the growth of C. albicans.

Molecular Cell Biology

Sciences - Leiden, The Netherlands
Department: Biology
Introduction:The section Molecular Cell Biology studies recognition of the environment by developing vertebrate cells. Zebrafish is used as the major test organism and compared with the human system

Research projects in: Microbiology

Sciences - Leiden, The Netherlands
Department: LIBC
Introduction:While growing in their natural environment, fungi have to react continuously on changes occurring in their environment. Fungi have

Research projects in: Psychology

University of Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland
Department: Psychology
Introduction:University of Zurich offers various project in the field of Psychology.
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