Student Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in the ScholarBridge Student Brand Manager program. As we continue to grow the number of partners in our university network, our ability to connect students with mentors depends on our ability to promote our resource on campuses across the country. To do this we are enlisting the help of motivated undergraduate students to grow our database of opportunities and would-be researchers. The ScholarBridge Student Brand Manager program is an exciting opportunity for motivated students to join the ScholarBridge team. If you have a passion for research, entrepreneurship, or education apply today by sending your resume and statement of interest to

  • Promote student use of ScholarBridge and increase the number of student users on ScholarBridge
  • Promote ScholarBridge sign ups from your faculty and encourage attentive use
  • Serve as a liaison between ScholarBridge and your administration
  • Increase ScholarBridge visibility on your campus to students and faculty
  • Attend relevant events relating to research on your campus. Some examples include but are not limited to Symposia and Department meetings
  • Contact and begin a dialogue with a key figure involved in research from each academic department
  • Distribute marketing material on campus
  • Drive student sign ups. Some methods include but are not limited to Tabling at an activities or career fair Tabling in the library
  • Engage with students on social media Social media outlets include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Identify and work with key research administrators at your school. Build a relationship with the Office of Undergraduate Research, Office of Research and Office of Institutional Research if they exist.
  • Gather feedback on user experience
How To Apply: Benefits:
  • Valuable experience working with an edtech startup
  • Performance based rewards
  • Letter of recommendation to employers, graduate programs, or internship programs
  • The opportunity to grow your academic and personal network on campus
Apply Now

Contact us at info@scholarbridge with any questions.