About ScholarBridge

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael graduated from Washington University in St. Louis where he was an undergraduate researcher focused on chemical education. Currently, Michael is a graduate student at Columbia University pursuing his PhD in inorganic chemistry.

Co-Founder & COO

Andrew graduated from Dartmouth College in 2013 where he performed research in mathematical biochemistry. He currently attends the New York University School of Medicine.

Director of Marketing

Will has extensive research experience as a member of the Democratic Institutions Research Team at WUSTL, as well as extensive sales and marketing experience with Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Co-Founder & CTO

Jake has written software to analyze the energy efficiency of campus buildings for the Electrical Engineering Department at Washington University in St. Louis. Over the past two years, Jake has worked at Apple Inc. and Bridgewater Associates as a software engineer.


Taylor is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis where she is conducting research on the causes of late-onset Alzheimer's Disease. After graduation, she plans to pursue an M.D. with a focus in Neurology

Advisory Board


Bessie Guerrant has championed undergraduate research for over 20 years at the University of Kentucky. Currently, she is the Associate Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, with a focus on faculty development and assessment. Bessie has held major roles with national research funding agencies, including the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR).


Dan Friedman is the co-founder and President of Thinkful, the online school that uses one-on-one mentorship to help adults learn programming for career advancement. In line with the ScholarBridge vision, Thinkful values mentorship as an essential piece of the learning formula. Dan was a member of the first class of the Thiel Fellowship, and attended Yale before leaving for the fellowship.