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The EuroScholars Consortium is comprised of nine leading research universities in Europe and connects talented undergraduate students in the U.S. and Canada with semester or academic-year long research opportunities in all fields of study. EuroScholars students are expected to produce a paper of publishable quality at the end of their semester of research.

Each semester of research through EuroScholars is considered full-time, and students will transfer their course credits back to their home university in North America. Program fees are € 9,975 per semester and include tuition and housing. Program advising and the application process are manged by ISA, a U.S.-based study abroad organization. For more information, please visit www.euroscholars.eu.

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“Throughout my senior year, I will be working in the Neuroimaging Lab of Washington University Medical School. I will be collaborating with a research team in order to study Wolfram Syndrome.
Rachel F. Washington University in St. Louis
Class of 2016
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