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Seventeen professors awarded funding for research fellowships

Students can apply for the fellowships through Scholarbridge, a website new to UTC this year, dedicated to linking students with professors who are interested in similar fields. The usage of Scholarbridge along with the opening up of research to all undergraduate students allows professors a wider range of students to choose from.READ MORE

ScholarBridge: Platform for Student-Mentor Matching to Sponsor CUR Biennial

Proudly serving more than ten major institutions and over three thousand researchers nationwide, ScholarBridge is a simple platform for faculty to share research opportunities, and students to begin their involvement.READ MORE

Clark Atlanta University to Pilot ScholarBridge

Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU) Center for Undergraduate Research and Creativity is excited to announce a new partnership with ScholarBridge, a powerful resource to promote student and faculty collaboration in academic research. READ MORE

ScholarBridge Reflects on Conference on Undergraduate Research Programs

ScholarBridge is an established resource for undergraduate research program directors that facilitates the process of matching student researchers with mentors. The simple, yet powerful tool allows interested students to search and filter through a database of mentors and research opportunities across.. READ MORE

ScholarBridge to Serve as a Gold Sponsor for Upcoming URPD Conference

ScholarBridge will be one of the key sponsors at the upcoming Council of Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research Program Directors Conference (CUR URPD) in Norman, Oklahoma from June 21-23, 2015.. READ MORE

Student entrepeneurs try to connect undergrads with researchers using new involvement website

As second semester approaches and students consider additional outlets for academic engagement, several Washington University students and alumni hope to make the process of finding a research opportunity easier for undergraduates. READ MORE

ScholarBridge CEO: 'Wash U prepared me to think like an entrepreneur'

Wash U’s Olin Business School offers an entrepreneurship major, but alum Michael Rauch has demonstrated that the university gives all of its students – regardless of program – the tools for innovation. READ MORE