About ScholarBridge

Is your Undergraduate Research Program looking for answers to any of the following questions?

How can I help my students search for opportunities and participate in undergraduate research?
How can I encourage my faculty to create opportunities to meet student demand?
How can I oversee activity, track meaningful data and streamline databasing processes on my campus?

ScholarBridge is a powerful tool that
allows your students to connect with professors and discover
research opportunities. As an administrator, you are able to
track all data generated from ScholarBridge.

ScholarBridge offers a University Membership to meet these needs

  • Access to ScholarBridge for your students and faculty
  • Access to the 'Opt In' to simplify the process of factulty account creation
  • Quarterly data updates on your campus ScholarBridge use
  • Access to ScholarBridge undergraduate research resources and implementation
  • Real-time access to a data hub containing hundreds of metrics regarding your undergraduate research population
  • A comprehensive tool for tracking mentor-matching occuring on your campus
  • Access to round the clock customer service and customizations as needed
Available at an Annual Subscription

ScholarBridge is a proud Affiliate Member of the Council of Undergraduate Research. If you are an institutional member, please inquire about our official discount!

Set up an informational meeting with a ScholarBridge representative for a full overview of ScholarBridge functionality and membership opportunities:

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See what our members are saying about ScholarBridge!

"Since partnering with ScholarBridge, our abilities to encourage and facilitate faculty involvement in undergraduate research have improved and our students are fully equipped to participate."
Diane Snow Ph.D Director, Undergraduate Research & Honors Program
Professor, Neuroscience
"All-in-all, ScholarBridge allows Flagler to enhance its undergraduate research program while helping students grow as scholars."
Will Miller, Ph.D. Director
Institutional Research and Effectiveness
"As the need for research experience continues to gain steam and popularity on our campus, our partnership with ScholarBridge is essential in making research opportunities accessible to all our students and campus community."
Salvatore Musumeci, Ph.D. Director, Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity
Associate Professor in the Honors College